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Welcome! I’m so happy you stopped by. 

My name is Justina and this blog is named “Lydia Glick” as a tribute to two of my heroes, my grandmothers. They were Godly women who exemplified Jesus during their beautiful and selfless lives. They, along with my mother, aunts, sisters and many other amazing women I’ve had the privilege of knowing, have taught me what it looks like to follow and love Christ in a real, passionate and tangible way.

I’m madly in love with my husband (that doesn’t mean either of us are perfect!), crazy about the daughters God has blessed us with (one after 8 years of marriage, and the second our new arrival from Ukraine!), and we are now praying for our future adoptive children. We are a second generation homeschooling family. I love the art of homemaking and all the skills and crafts involved. And because I’m a personal trainer, I’m a complete health-nut. (Much to my family’s chagrin at times. See that big smile on my face?)

Above all, I’m a worshiper of Jesus.There’s nothing that excites me more than spending time with Him – even in the beautiful, mundane routines and rhythms of normal life.

Real-life, unsung heroes & heroines. Staying focused on what’s important, in the middle of a crazy world. Making a beautiful, healthy, well-functioning and supremely blessed home. Being strong and fit, ready for whatever lies ahead. Becoming the kind of wife and mother the Bible talks about, and a woman who leaves a legacy in her family and community. Monumental, light-bulb moments in the middle of normal life, when you have a thought that changes your paradigm, and begs demands that you to shift your normal to a new (and better) place. Life-altering worship, intercession, prayer and study of the Word. These are the things that I’m interested in, and I invite you to join me as I learn and write about them.

Thank you for visiting my little spot on the world-wide-web. I hope you’ll come and visit again.

Praying you’ll be blessed, and that you’ll know how much you’re loved by Him,

~ Justina Dee