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Some of our favorite links:

HSLDA – A National Homeschool Association

THSC – Homeschooling in Texas

THSC’s “Considering Homeschooling” page

Getting Started in Homeschooling: The First Ten Steps“, by Mary Pride

Curriculum Advice from Victoria Botkin– a practical audio lecture with wise guidance and advice for young homeschooling families

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews, by Cathy Duffy


Some of the Resources & Curriculum we use in our homeschool:

Homeschooling Guides:

Trivium Pursuit (Teaching The Trivium)

Peace Hill Press  (The Well Trained Mind)


Language Arts:

Peace Hill Press (First Language Lessons)

Understanding Writing (Creative Writing for homeschool students of all ages)

Queen Homeschooling Supplies (Charolotte Mason style copy books)

The Writing Road to Reading (This is what we use for Penmanship and Spelling)



Saxon Math


Rapid Recall (A fantastic tool to teach math facts, in only 7 minutes per day)


Our Pre-K/Kindergarten Program:

*Note, we went directly from “Pre-K” to “First Grade”, as our daughter was ready to advance to that level. Every child is different, so you may want to consider a more involved “curriculum”.

Rod & Staff’s “ABC” Series

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

Bible Memory. (We love Seeds Music)

Character Building. (Doorpost’s “If-Then” and Blessing” Charts)

Library, library, library. (Get the hint?)

Read aloud to your child, as much as you can stand it! Need ideas for books to read? Gladys Hunt’s “Honey For a Child’s Heart”, and Jan Bloom’s “Who Should We Then Read”, are EXCELLENT resources!

Music. (Almost) all the time.

Arts and crafts. (Enjoy the mess! Let creativity abound!)

Explore the world outdoors!


Fun with foreign languages.

Create chore charts and routine charts for your home.


Homeschooling Blogroll:

Trivium Pursuit

The Homeschool Post

Susan Wise Bauer





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