Influencers – My dedication post

She held me and taught me what unconditional love looks and feels like. She cared for me when I had the chicken pox. She soothed me as a young girl, when I felt the wounds of unkind words. She instilled in me an insatiable desire to learn.

She told me you’re ready to marry when you can roll a pie crust into a circle. She taught me how to whistle and sing while I work, how to make butter, and how to iron sheets. And she helped me to see there’s a reason to bless God in every circumstance. Her love  and of  people from every walk of life was contagious.

She taught me what it looks like to honor your husband, and how to care for a kerosene lantern. How to make homemade lemonade and peanut butter crackers. How to appreciate even the tiniest treasures in God’s creation.

These three women are my mother and my grandmothers. This blog is dedicated to them, and to all the “Influencers” in my life.

I’m learning some of my greatest life-lessons from people who have no blog. No book. No platform. And I’ve also gleaned much wisdom from people who are much more well known. is an effort to compile and share some of this wisdom, information, and  some of these treasures with my children, my friends, and anyone else who cares to read the words I type.

It’s all for the glory of my Jesus – my greatest influencer of all. And it is done with the loving support of my dear husband, who is my superhero, and my beautiful gift of a daughter, who is the fairest of them all.

With love, ~ Justina Dee

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