Saying Goodbye To Some Good (Book) Friends {40 Bags in 40 days}

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My adorable nephew already loves to read :-). Here’s a picture of him with his daddy’s books. Our whole family loves books. I’m incredibly fond of them. The smell of a library is intoxicating to me. I choose a trip to the bookstore over the mall every single time. But sometimes we can have too much of a good thing, and that’s NOT good.

Lent is here, and this year I am honoring this special season with a serious household purging mission. I want to have our things in order, so that I can easily say “YES” when God asks me to do something. The first step of order is to eliminate the unnecessary. I decided to tackle the thing that would be most difficult for me to say good bye to on this, my first day of “40 Bags in 40 Days“.

I saw some helpful tips from organizer Peter Walsh regarding these covered friends of mine. He suggests getting rid of:

#1. Books you are never going to read.

#2. “Gift books.”

#3. Books you no longer love.

As a lifelong bibliophyle and homeschool mom it’s going to be difficult to bid farewell to some cherished titles, but a clean & clear space will make my heart sing and free me up for better things.

Would you you like to join me and others on the journey of de-cluttering our homes in 40 days? Click here to learn more about 40 bags in 40 days.

Happy home-purging!

~ Justina Dee

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Some Good (Book) Friends {40 Bags in 40 days}

  1. I’m a pack rat. My daughter hates clutter. Together we’ve started purging our house as I’m finally getting tired of all the stuff. I like this challenge! Ironically, she continued a little spot today – then I read your post. Whoo-hoo! We are right on target with day 1.

    • Rose, Whoo-hoo! I’m very sentimental, so I understand the tendency to hold on to things. I’m so excited your family is taking this challenge along with our household. One bag at a time! Yay!

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