Sometimes You Need to Stop and Treat Your Feet {5 Relaxation Techniques from My Grandma}

Enamel Basin by Lehmans

Enamelware Basin by Lehman’s

I’ve talked much about my hardworking Amish family. But in this post I’d like to share a little something about some of my Grandma Lydia’s relaxation techniques.

First up is my favorite. After working hard in the garden or yard she often said it was time to “Treat Your Feet”. She would pull out a basin or bucket, fill it with warm water, sprinkle some Epsom Salts inside and then we’d sit down, put our feet in the bucket and relax for a while. I can’t help but smile when I think of a row of grandchildren on a bench, all sitting quietly with our feet tucked neatly in her hodgepodge collection of buckets and basins. My grandmother was brilliant! And guess what? Experts still tout the benefits of Epsom Salt foot baths today.

Playing beside Grandma's Table

My little brother Jonas, playing beside Grandma’s table

Next, there was “Warm Milk & Honey” at bedtime. Grandma would warm up a little farm milk, pour it into a special glass or mug then she helped us squeeze in a teaspoon of raw honey from the honey-bear. She let us stir it all up and then we’d sit next to her and Grandpa and sip on it slowly. I’m not sure if it was the milk & honey, or a placebo effect from the process of making & drinking it, but it worked like a charm!

Another one of her ways to relax was Reading. After the day’s work was done, you would often find my grandparents reading a good book, and they taught us grandchildren to do the same.

Grandma's Doily

A Doily Made by Grandma Lydia

Grandma was an avid crocheter. She especially loved creating beautiful and intricate doilies. This hobby of hers was something she loved to do in her downtime, and I believe it was one of the ways she would unwind from the stress of the day.

Last there was singing. As Grandpa and Grandma were New Order Amish, they had electricity and tape players. The tapes in their collection were those of groups who used no musical instruments. Grandma would turn on the tape-player and fill the room with quiet and beautiful acapella harmonies for us when it was time to relax. My favorite tapes at Grandma’s house were those from Gospel Express.

Grandma relaxing

Grandma relaxing outdoors with one of her grandbabies.

Next time I need to slow things down a bit, I believe I just may “Treat My Feet” and sip on some warm milk and honey. Grandma really did know best! I’d love for you to share some of your own grandparent’s relaxation techniques by commenting on this post.

~ Justina Dee

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to Stop and Treat Your Feet {5 Relaxation Techniques from My Grandma}

  1. Hey, I randomly found your blog and was reading some of your family posts. I saw pictures of my grandma, Rebecca Smoker at the Esh Campout and totally freaked out! Happy to find an Esh blogger out here. 🙂

    • Hi Rosina, How fun to connect with you here, and on FB! Aunt Rebecca is such a precious figure to me and many others, so fun that you recognized her here! I hope we can connect at the Esh Campout sometime soon. 🙂

    • This is certainly a classic. Funny for me, like so many things, my own collection of these is somewhat outdated itself since I have them all on VCR tapes and only have a VCR player in my room. But they help me have such inntsereitg dreams.

    • stefanxsuchpotential hatten für mich ganz klar animal crossing, welches anfang nur meine freundin gespielt hat, advance wars und im moment gehirnjogging. nahe dran am suchtpotential ist für mich trauma center.

  2. Hello! I just came across this from the Amish All The Way Group! This is awesome! Looking forward to reading this.

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