Stop Fighting, It’s Time to Rest


Babies and young children are supposed to sleep. As a young mother, I knew there was an infinite list of positive benefits that resulted from my little girl taking her naps. The most evident result being that a nap changed my tired, grumpy little munchkin back into a happy and delightful ray of sunshine and joy.

But let me tell you, my little pumpkin (as the case with many of our “littles”), did not find slumber to be an agreeable idea at all, and we would inevitably find ourselves in quite a predicament every day when nap time came around.

I’ll always remember one particular afternoon. My sweet child was completely exhausted from a morning filled to the brim with a multitude of activity. I took her up the stairs and laid her down on her bed for her nap. She screamed. She flailed. She sobbed. She was completely distraught at the idea of placing all the fun and excitement in her little world on hold, for some much needed sleep.

As I attempted to explain and reason with her, I found myself growing more and more frustrated. In those moments, nothing I could say convinced her that REST was the best thing for her. I found myself physically holding my writhing child against her bed, hoping she would finally collapse and give over to her fatigue and exhaustion, and get some desperately needed SLEEP!

And then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and I heard my Lord’s still small voice as clear as day.

He said, “Justina, this is what you do to me. I know what’s best for you, and you constantly fight and strive against my perfect will. Rest and know that I have it all under control”.

I don’t remember exactly what happened next. I’m sure my little girl finally did take her nap, and I got some much needed mommy time. But I’ll always remember my reminder from God.

Psalm 46:10a tells us: “Cease striving {be still} and know that I am God”. It’s so deliciously simple. And yet, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to relax my tightfisted grip on life, and let go of the nonsensical notions of what I believe is best.

In conclusion, I want to share a nugget from Bible Teaching Notes:

“It is our human nature to wrestle and struggle and calculate and contrive to whatever extent we feel necessary to handle life’s difficulties. Such fruitless activity often leaves us feeling frustrated and robs us of the opportunity to see how God can deal with the same issue. The expression “cease striving” means in the Hebrew to “let your hands drop” or to “let go” or “relax.” There is absolutely no situation that we can release into His care that can baffle Him. God knows exactly what to do with every conceivable issue of life.” ~ Omar Garcia

Today my dear friends, may we learn to rest and lean on the Everlasting Arms of our Heavenly Father. He loves us so very much. ~ Justina Dee

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