Why We Choose to Homeschool Our Children


Disclaimer: First (with a big smile on my face), let me say that I am a Christian; so this post was written though a “Biblical” lens and is therefore religious in nature.¬† Second please hear me when I say; I do not believe people who send their children to school are bad parents! I DO however suggest that every parent is obligated to do everything in their ability to provide their child with the best education possible. Homeschooling is not for everyone. My desire is simply to share our fundamental reasons for educating our child (and our future children) at home.

Why do we homeschool? Simply put: My husband and I believe it is our God-given responsibility to equip our children for the life He has designed for them. We want to be the adults who mold their worldview. We are convinced it is the optimal way to identify and nurture our children’s God-given gifts. And we believe that (for our family) it is the best choice for academic excellence.

In future posts, I’ll be addressing the most common questions I’ve heard for most of my life, as a homeschool student & graduate, and now homeschooling parent. Critical or skeptical parties typically ask the following questions; so please allow me first highlight the massive, wrinkly elephant in the room:

1) How will  your homeschooled child develop the social skills they need for life?

2) What about sports?

3) How can you possibly ask your child to miss out on experiences like homecoming and prom?

4) How can they get into college, and how will they be able to handle their classes?

5) I once knew a homeschooling family who was very weird. How will you make sure your child isn’t awkward and strange?

I’ll address all these questions at another time. There are tremendous answers for all of them! But in the meantime: After reading what God’s word tells us about parenting, we feel convicted to do whatever is possible within our means as parents, to bring up our children under the authority and lens of the Gospel. In that light, I find it interesting that Christian parents aren’t FIRST asking THESE questions about their child’s education, as they’re the questions around which my husband and I are shaping the education of our children.

1) How can we best equip our children to know, love and worship Jesus, serve the body of Christ and the world, and answer the specific call God has placed on their life?

2) How can we provide our children with the foundation of a Biblical worldview and an eternal, kingdom mindset?

3) How can we best develop our children’s character and cultivate their God-given gifts and talents?

4) Taking into consideration the lifestyle, responsibilities and personality of our unique family, how can we give our children the best possible education, while looking at each child’s learning style, passions, gifts, strengths and weaknesses?

5) And last; in light of all these questions, where is the best place to educate our children: Public, Private or Homeschool?

Equipping for life. Laying the foundation of a Biblical Worldview. Cultivating God-given gifts and talents. Academic excellence. A beautiful relationship with our children. Homeschooling is the unrivaled choice for our family to achieve all these treasures, and so many more.

I welcome your comments, thoughts and questions. Click here to open my Homeschool Resource page. I’ll be adding more content on a regular basis!