The Length of Love


If you only knew how big the world is, and how unlikely  the event of our meeting you.

We live in a Texan suburb.

We dreamed of a girl from a war-torn land on the other side of the ocean.

And now, you are finally here with us.

Five weeks with you are only a drop in the vast oceans of time.

The smallest fraction of your life.

But as we’ve never met before a few weeks ago, these days are our mini-lifetime with you.

Our sweet beginnings with you,

The mezzo of this season’s song with you,

And our climactic last days with you –

Until, Lord willing, we see your sweet face ,and kiss your cheeks again.

What can one family and their friends do, to change the life of a child on the other side of the world?

We are purposefully contemplating our part in the eradication of the orphan crisis.

We have a few ideas. And we will be acting on them.

But let me say that you have eternally changed our lives.

We can never  again look at the issue of orphans through the same romantic notions and rose-colored glasses.

This family is no longer unmindful to the pain, the lies, the hurt and the complexity of the appalling and impossible problems that are your reality.

We’ve now seen and shared the real tears you cry into your pillow at night,

And marveled at the incredible bravery you choose to embrace every morning.

Your story is teaching us how small the world is.

And how big LOVE is,

And the desperate and unimaginable lengths to which Love will run, to bring you to a family who desperately yearns to see your life made whole and right,

And to be sure you knows that Beauty, Truth, Trust, Joy, Faith, and HOPE exist in the world.

You are treasured. You are cherished.

Love has found you, and will never, ever let you go.

(A little story of our family’s hosting-with-the-intention-of adoption journey).

~ Justina Dee

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