Working Together {Lessons From My Amish Family}

My Grandma Lydia #write31days #31AmishDays

My Grandma Lydia

Work is a necessary burden, and there are two ways to approach any job. First, there’s the avenue which we’re all tempted to take: working with a sour attitude and negative outburst. Or there’s the way my Grandma tackled chores: with a joyful smile, a cheerful heart and a song!

Through the power of encouragement and contagious joy, my Grandma had the ability to transform mundane tasks like dusting, washing windows, raking leaves, folding towels and washing dishes into a merry game and worthy endeavor. I’m smiling as I sit here typing these words – remembering the way she convinced all of us that working was pleasant and enjoyable.

Butchering Chickens with Grandma & Grandpa | #write31days #31AmishDays | Working Together

Butchering Chickens with Grandma & Grandpa

My grandmother would be delighted to know that I’ve discovered her secret. Endeavors undertaken with Grandma never felt like drudgery, because she created an air of camaraderie and excitement around any task, no matter how little or seemingly unimportant it was. She simply chose joy and effectively prompted us to work together. And all who were in the room with Grandma had no choice but to join her in that happy place. Sullenness had no opportunity to linger. Grouchy attitudes were forced to surrender to gladness. Singing and whistling filled the room, and the work was soon done.

In the kitchen with my Mother & Grandma #write31days #31daysAmish #LydiaGlick

In the kitchen with my Mother & Grandma

I’m forever grateful to God for giving me an encouraging Grandma who demonstrated how working together (with a song on our lips) is the best way to tackle and complete any job.

~Justina Dee

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  1. I love how you wrote about my dear mother. The songs and poems she knew were endless, and, yes, she sang and recited as we worked.

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